weight   kg
height   cm
oral dose
standard 75 g
custom g
OGTT duration
time glucose insulin

OGIS value

To calculate OGIS:

  • Insert the subject's weight and height in the appropriate input boxes.
  • Select the oral glucose dose with the radio button. If the dose is not 75 g, provide the dose in the appropriate input box.
  • Select the duration of the OGTT (120 or 180 min) using the pull-down menu. Upon selection, the time values for the glucose and insulin points are automatically updated.
  • Select the units for glucose and insulin concentration using the pull-down menus (common units for insulin are denoted as mU/l rather than µU/ml as the micro sign may not display correctly).
  • Enter the glucose and insulin values in the appropriate input boxes.
  • Click the Calculate button.
  • Read the OGIS value in the box below.
  • To calculate OGIS for a new case click the Clear Data button. This clears the subject's data (weight, height and glucose and insulin concentrations) but not the other selections.


  • Explanatory tooltips are displayed when the mouse pointer is above the various parts of the calculator.
  • JavaScript must be enabled to use this OGIS calculator.
  • The OGIS value is displayed in a text box which should not be editable. Although some browsers allow editing of this box, the box content should not be changed (changing the content results only in a loss of the OGIS value, which reappears by clicking the Calculate button). With some browsers the OGIS value may appear dimmed.