OGIS spreadsheets

OGIS is available for download in the 2-hour and 3-hour version. Files are Microsoft Excel workbooks (Excel 95 or 98, Mac and PC compatible). Download the desired format by clicking on the appropriate icon below. Use the context menu (Win: right-click; Mac: ctrl-click) to download the file.

  2-hour OGIS 3-hour OGIS
Excel 98 2-h OGIS, Excel 98
3-h OGIS, Excel 98
Excel 5/95 2-h OGIS, Excel 95
3-h OGIS, Excel 95


  • To download the workbooks, do not directly click on the file icon. This will very likely display the file in the browser window, which is not the desired action. If you are using Windows, press the right mouse button while the mouse pointer is on the file icon. This will show a pop-up menu, which contains a command for saving the file. In the English version of Internet Explorer, this command is named "Save Target as". Choose this command to save the file on your disk. On the Macintosh, the pop-up menu is displayed by holding the control key while the single mouse button is pressed.
  • Instructions for filling-in data and formulas in the spreadsheet are contained in the Excel workbooks.
  • The Excel workbooks contain worksheets for both common units (mg/dl, µU/ml) and SI units (mmol/l, pmol/l).
  • The Excel workbooks do not contain macros.